ZXT Gold....


dot Supports increased metabolism

dot Assists in stabilizing and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels

dot Helps to alleviates pain symptoms related to Fibromyalgia & Migraines

dot Improves energy

dot Improves Memory

dot Reduces Appetite

dot Helps to alleviate symptoms of allergies & sinuses
dot Improves Libido for both men and women


Main Ingredients:

Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Wolfberry, Lotus Seed, Green Tea, Dietary Fiber


Note: ZXT and ZXT Gold have the same ingredients listed - the only difference is their dietary fiber makeup - making ZXT more aggressive than ZXT Gold in regards to detoxification.



Take 2 capsules daily in the morning with or without food. For best results drink plenty of water. 60 capsules per box.




60 Capsules per Bottle (1 month supply)

Sample packs of ZXT Gold containting 12 capsules are available for only $10.00.